Saturday, September 6, 2008

Discounts! "The Age of Mary" and "The Return of the King"

For a limited time, educators all over the world can receive discounts on both "The Age of Mary" and "The Return of the King" electronic Catholic Study Guides (for Windows users ONLY). Designed for Catholic high school students, these electronic Guides are perfect for homeschooling parents and students, catechetists, and English/Literature teachers!

"The Age of Mary" discount (50% OFF) ends this Friday, Sept. 12, 2008. Featuring a full-color electronic syllabi with graphics & interactive link, it is designed for grades 9 and up. You choose for which grade you wish to use it! The first "Age of Mary" Guide is quickly available via email; the remaining Guides will be released on a quarterly basis via downloadable Windows-ONLY Ebook.

Due to popular request, KIC is again offering The Return of the King Catholic Study Guide - with NEW additions to the original 2004 paper version! Soon to be released in a Windows-ONLY Ebook format, this is a great time to take advantage of the PRE-ORDER Discount!

Order now in time for its holiday-release and save $5! The colorful, unique, downloadable "Return of the King" Guide" will open on your desktop (just like The Keepsake Collection), include interactive SCREENED Links (just like The Age of Mary), and provide a compelling Catholic study of the religious elements and symbolism in Tolkien's epic historical romance. (Not only that, it allows for a relaxing 'breath of fresh air' during the school year, so that you may all enjoy a HOLY Advent, Nativity of Our Lord, and post-Christmas season!)

Please see the ORDER page for an explanatory overview of The Return of the King.

And please don't forget that the 50% discount on "The Age of Mary" ends THIS Friday, Sept. 12! To preview "The Age of Mary" Catholic Study Guides, kindly start here.

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