Friday, May 1, 2009

What Christ Grants to St. Joseph

Today is May 1, the first day of Our Lady's month as well as the Memorial of St. Joseph the Worker. This day shared between the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph is appropriate, for surely they who were joined on earth in the holiest of marriages worship God together in Heaven.

St. Joseph is patron of the Church, protector of virgins, patron of laborers, and patron of a happy death. St. Joseph's annual solemnity falls on March 19, but this date in May honors the faithful and humble labor of Christ's foster-father, who exemplified the meaning of "daily duty" to God and to one's state in life.

The Holy Trinity chose this just man, a son of David, as husband and chaste spouse of the Immaculate Virgin Mary and foster-father of Jesus, the Word Incarnate. In thinking of St. Joseph's blessed and unique role to Christ and Our Lady, we also consider his great privileges, granted by the Savior and the Mediatrix of all Graces.

"It seems to me that to other saints Our Lady has given power to help us in only one kind of necessity. But this glorious St. Joseph, I know by my own experience, assists us in all kinds of necessities. And Our Lady, it appears, wishes us to understand that as Christ was obedient to St. Joseph on earth, so now in heaven He now grants St. Joseph whatever he asks. This truth many others have also experienced, who have recommended themselves to him. Many now are devoted to him, and I myself have fresh experience of his power."
~St. Theresa of Avila

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