Thursday, December 11, 2008

Homeschooling through the Holidays - with KIC!

Here's a great Christmas gift that lasts through the year! And it's a wonderful way to keep the teens going with Catholic homeschooling - throughout Advent, again as you "start up" in the New Year, and right through the late spring!

Now, when you order KIC's DIGITAL "The Age of Mary Guides," you will receive the FIRST TWO Guides (almost 30 weeks of lesson plans alone!) within 24 hours of your order and email confirmation! The cost is the same - anywhere in the world - and there are no shipping charges because the Guides come to you via digital delivery!

These digital Guides are "the ultimate" Catholic "unit studies" for teens. Your teens can get all of "The Age of Mary" lessons done, with the help of your home computer and the included, pre-screened Internet links! "The Age of Mary" syllabi include Religion, History/Geography, English (Literature, Composition, and/or Poetry), and Science - with each subject "connected" to each other AND the central theme.

What's the central theme? The Marian apparitions found worthy of belief since 1830, beginning with Our Lady of Paris (the Medal of the Immaculate Conception). All the other subjects circle around it, explaining why Our Lady has appeared so often in "the Modern Age."

You have NEVER seen a thoroughly Catholic curriculum like this one! [And it's available only through KIC!] "The Age of Mary Guides" mean neither 'easy-peas-y' homeschooling nor do they mean struggling on a daily basis! Your high school teens or older children will look forward to their Catholic homeschooling because they'll use the computer every day. "The Age of Mary Guides" include colorful syllabi, SCREENED links to other websites, and give your teens great practice with basic computer skills and writing (ok, typing)! You'll love the Catholic syllabi and the incredible convenience!

To see three web pages of previews of the first "Age of Mary Guide," please see the following links:

The Age of Mary - Preview Page One

The Age of Mary - Preview Page Two

The Age of Mary - Preview Page Three

After you confirm your order via our private list, you'll receive the first Guide within 24 hours. You'll ALSO receive the download information for the second Guide (Our Lady of LaSalette, plus the Holy Face devotion), which is available in a Windows ebook (Windows XP recommended, not Vista! At this time, KIC cannot guarantee the ebook will work in the new Vista environment.). Nothing else is needed because the Catholic "unit study" is in the software; the only thing required for the software is a Windows (up to Windows XP) operating system and Internet Explorer (5.5 or better).

----Give yourself and your children a Catholic Christmas gift for the home computer that perks up everyone, gives you peace of mind, AND ensures a Catholic education - at home!

---All digital Guides are in full color, with Catholic graphics, carefully screened links, and lots of interesting lesson ideas!

Remember, the preview of the FIRST "Age of Mary" Guide starts here: preview1.html

And please don't forget: When you order "The Age of Mary" today, you'll quickly receive TWO digital Guides... and have the older kids and teens happily homeschooling - on the home computer, under your careful eye - RIGHT AWAY!

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