Friday, March 14, 2008

SAMPLES of "The Age of Mary" Internet-Based Study Guides

At the request of Catholic homeschooling parents, catechists, and school teachers, you can now view 8 SCREENSHOT SAMPLES of "The Age of Mary," the Catholic, Internet-Based Study Guide for junior high and high school students! The preview spans the three following website pages:

Age of Mary Preview I, Age of Mary Preview II, and Age of Mary Preview III.

The Question: Why should I choose "The Age of Mary" Catholic Internet-based Study Guides for my older students?

The Bottom-line Answer: They're thoroughly Catholic, economical, and convenient!

With ONLY two tools - your home computer and your Internet access - your students simply open the electronic "Age of Mary" Catholic Study Guide each day. Watch their interest soar as they click and type their way through their studies!

Junior high and high school-aged students love "The Age of Mary," an intriguing set of Catholic Internet-based Study Guides, with each installment featuring syllabi and free-access, screened links.


*Delight in Interesting, Integrated Subjects!
---That means no more disconnected studies! The five-subject lesson plans are interrelated! What is covered in Religion and/or History is directly connected to Language Arts, Geography, and Science.

*Receive a sound, doctrinal Catholic education at home, with Mariology (study of the Virgin Mary) and Church-approved apparitions as the foundation.

*Whiz through colorful syllabi with screened, interactive links to online resources for:
---Religion (see more about this in the next paragraph!)
---Language Arts (including Poetry, Composition, Literature)
---History (with a "Catholic conscience," not a "perspective"!)
---Geography (Make it fun, not dry and not boring!)
---Science (Ditto!)

*Enjoy quality computer time: Study Church dogmas and doctrines, delve deeply into history, soak in literature and poetry, type essays, reports or compositions, geographically explore specific parts of Europe, make virtual tours of shrines or other historical spots, and find out about various scientific branches

*Strengthen independent-study skills (VERY important!)

*Learn more about the popes, saints and other respected Catholic historical figures who left their mark on the studied time-frames (from the French Revolution to World War I).

*Discover philosophers (saints and otherwise) who greatly impacted history - and the times in which we live.

*Study the writings of popes and great saints - online!

*Cultivate a deeper interior life by learning how to daily live the Church's constant teaching: Pray, Study, Act!


---SAVE MONEY! For one low price, get everything needed for ONE SCHOOL YEAR of Religion, Language Arts, History, Geography and Science. (Everything is included except math.) The 4 quarterly installments provide enough lesson plans to cover 36 weeks (9 weeks per installment)!

---No website-fees, no yearly charges, no need to log-in to a website! "The Age of Mary" Catholic, Internet-based Study Guides are electronically delivered to you or downloaded by you!

---Once you purchase "
The Age of Mary," it's yours to use - year after year. (A great family saving!)

---No extras are needed for "The Age of Mary." In each Catholic Internet-based Study Guide, there is included a Bonus List of Living Books or other items (which you may wish to purchase elsewhere). While helpful, they are not strictly required - because everything your students need is included in "The Age of Mary"!

---SAVE TIME! As your jr. high or high school student uses the computer for 5 core topics, you'll have extra hours to teach your little ones, take care of household tasks, or simply relax a bit!

---Discuss topics (suggestions provided in the syllabi) and review "
The Age of Mary" assignments in about one hour a day. Your student(s) can then study, read through links, and research or type assignments.

---Enjoy worry-free convenience! Just check over your students' shoulders as they sit at the computer, zooming through each installment of the electronic "Age of Mary" syllabus.---Easily provide parent-teacher guidance while encouraging independent study!

---Give your students the best of both worlds - both classic and scholastic!

---Print out the complete syllabi for your records! No writing in lesson plans books or typing them into your word processor necessary!

---Relieve (or completely avoid) "homeschool burnout" (for both you and your students)!

---Most importantly, bring your family closer "to Jesus through Mary."

With "The Age of Mary" curriculum, study Church-approved apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary - including Our Lady of Paris (the Miraculous Medal), LaSalette, Lourdes, and Fatima!

I trust you'll enjoy the
Sample Pages of "The Age of Mary." And please don't forget - within 24 hours of your order and email confirmation, you'll receive your first "Age of Mary" Catholic Internet-based Study Guide.

In the love of Christ and His Virgin Mother,
Marianna Bartold
"The Age of Mary" Catholic Internet Study Guides
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