Friday, September 19, 2008

"The Age of Mary": Ultimate Catholic Unit Study for Teens

Today commemorates the 162nd anniversary of Our Lady of LaSalette,"The Madonna in Tears," a perfect day to again mention "The Age of Mary" Catholic, Internet-Based Study Guides. Designed for high school students, "The Age of Mary" is parent-adaptable for parents of good readers at the "middle" school age level. Not just "kids' stuff," The Age of Mary is also perfect for adults - including converts, teachers and Marian catechists - who want to learn more about the Virgin Mary and also understand the reason for Our Lady's "modern-age" appearances. The Guides are a series of 'electronic' Guides - integrating Religion, History/Geography, Language Arts (Literature & Composition), and Science into one "beautiful" theme.

Catholic and convenient! Simply open "The Age of Mary" digital Guides and enjoy your Catholic studies. Using the Lesson Ideas section, you or your students will visit webpages I've personally screened, read online articles and books, use a suggested list of Catholic "living books," take virtual tours keyed to the currrent study - and accomplish all lessons using the home computer!

"The Age of Mary" is the ultimate CATHOLIC UNIT STUDY, using a central theme of Church-approved Marian apparitions that began in 1830. As the Church doctrine teaches, "Religion must permeate the curriculum" and that is exactly what "The Age of Mary" does. In addition, this unique, one year curriculum helps you bring yourself and your family closer "TO JESUS through MARY!"

These specially-priced electronic Guides allows users to aquire a one year, all-Catholic curriculum (36 weeks), with no extra purchases required for the core subjects (except higher math).

Within 24 hours of receiving your payment at our ONLINE ORDER page, you''ll receive the first "Age of Mary" Guide by EMAIL. The others will be delivered at subsequent intervals with instructions on where and how to acquire each downloadable, WINDOWS ONLY ebook.

The first Guide is entitled "Our Lady of Paris and the Medal of the Immaculate Conception," featuring a special focus on world events that led to the 1830 visions and messages of the Virgin, in which She gave "the Miraculous Medal" to the world. The time to complete this first Guide is a minimum of 9-10 weeks.

Students will learn the philosophy (and the philosophers) behind the French Revolution, the Sacred Heart's request to the King of France and the Nine First Fridays, and the tragic fates of King Louis, Queen Marie Antoinette and their children.

Yet the thrust remains "True Devotion" (to Jesus through Mary) via the Message of Our Lady of Paris, the virtuous life of St. Catherine Laboure, and the writings of St. Alphonsus de Liguori and St. Louis Marie de Montfort. This first Guide (like those that follow) includes a "Bonus List" of Catholic living books you may wish to purchase elsewhere, Lesson Ideas with PRE-SCREENED links to website pages for the study of Religion, History, Geography, Literature and Science.

"Our Lady of LaSalette" combines the second and third Guides in one expansive and colorful Windows-only ebook - and includes 20 weeks of Lesson Ideas (that is one whole semester!). The singular vision of LaSalette illustrated how our personal lives either conform to or wound the Mystical Body of Christ and displays the gravity of breaking the First Two Commandments. Study what happened (and why it happened) in France and Ireland, including the devastating Potato Famine, as well as historical figures. This Guide also includes the apparition which gave the world the Green Scapular, the discovery of St. Louis de Montfort's lost manuscript (True Devotion), Our Lord's messages to St. Marie de St. Pierre, and more - seamlessly interweaving Religion, History, Geography, Poetry, and Science.

The last Guide for the first year (scheduled for release in the summer of 2009) focuses on "Our Lady of Lourdes," and also includes information on Our Lady of Pontmain, Pellevoisin, and Knock.

For another overview of "The Age of Mary" and your convenience, please see:

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To Jesus through Mary!
Marianna Bartold
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I shall save the world."
~ Our Lady to Blessed Alan de la Roche

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