Monday, October 27, 2008

The One Man Who Can Save Us

As we pray our daily Rosaries and fast to participate in this nationwide Novena [not only for the presidential election but, even more importantly, for the collegial consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary], I received a private post which contains a few important things about which we must think. It reminds us that the intentions for which we are praying and sacrificing are conversion and repentance and true world peace for all the people and all nations, a peace not as the world gives but as God gives.

The sun is setting upon the world and there is only one Man who can save us, and He is God-made-Man; that is what His Virgin Mother has been reminding us in all of the authentic Marian apparitions. That is why we must pray the Rosary and sacrifice for sinners - every day. We must 'pray and work' not only during this 9 Day Rosary Novena, but always, because it is our holy duty as children of God and soldiers of Christ Our King. Remember that the "era of peace" which Our Lady promised at Fatima is not meant for one nation - no, it will one day be granted to the world.

The Social Reign of Christ the King means that all peoples, all states, all governments and all social institutions recognize and act upon their duty to base all laws and programs on the teaching of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and His Church - for the Lord gave the Deposit of Faith only to His one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.

Incidentally, the post which brought all these things to mind was sent from a KIC contact and is republished below with the sender's permission.

From an email message:

My mother had a German friend who lived in Germany during Hitler's rise to power. When the economy was still good, she said people laughed at him in the beer gardens. But when foreclosures became rampant and people started losing their homes and businesses people began to listen to him. He blamed the Jewish bankers because they were the ones foreclosing on Christian homes and even Catholic Churches.

His Youth Group appeared very good to German parents once he took power. It promoted nationalism and even rewarded Arian mothers who gave birth to four or more children with medals and ceremonies. Girls' groups trained girls to become good mothers and wives. They were trained in all the domestic arts. Once the war was in progress however, the same girls were manning machine guns aimed at Allied planes.

How is it we have been fomented into hating the Iraqi peoples so much that we have turned a blind eye to the bunker-busting weapons made from depleted uranium that contaminates the soil, causes spontaneous abortions and deformities, and dooms the children and peoples of Iraq to generations of cancers?

We have already been complicit in holocausts and we did not hear a call for Rosary Novenas. If anyone truly heeded the message of Fatima they would be saying their Rosary daily, making the First Saturday devotions and insisting on the full dialogue of the Third Secret and the [collegial] Consecration [of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary], rather than swallowing the lie that it was done and [that] we have the text completely revealed. Abortion of American children would not be the single issue of death we would repent of...We are in the chastisement.


Pray the Rosary every day and sacrifice for the conversion of sinners!

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