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The Age of Mary: Take a Peek Right Here!

With "The Age of Mary" Catholic Internet-based Study Guides...

I personally designed these beautiful electronic Catholic Study Guides so that you can much more easily give your older children a thoroughly Catholic home education, in which Tradition and Scripture permeate all the subjects!

  • Economical full-color electronic syllabi with graphics & interactive links

  • Each Guide covers 9 weeks (4 Guides per year, 36 weeks total)

  • Syllabi subjects are Religion, Language Arts (Composition, Literature, Poetry), History, Geography and Science

  • Everything needed is included!

  • Perfect for jr. high and high-school age students - making for a smoother transition into high school, when switching from another curriculum, and for those brand-new to homeschooling

  • Great for Catholic teachers and catechists looking to supplement Religion, Language Arts, etc.

  • A wealth of info for Marian catechists, budding Mariologists, and history buffs!

  • Quick electronic delivery

  • Receive your first Guide within 24 hours (or less) of your order

  • Spring 2008 Offer: Currently 50% off the total price for the full one-year curriculum

    WHAT is an electronic Guide? You'll get a good idea as you scroll this page and view screenshots of the first Age of Mary Catholic Internet-based Study Guide, "Our Lady of Paris and the Medal of the Immaculate Conception."

    With just two tools - your home computer and Internet access - "The Age of Mary Catholic Internet Study Guides" are easy to use every day! Watch student interest soar as they click and type their way through their studies! (Btw, if you want to see a quicker overview, please see this page.)

The screenshot above displays the first thing you'll see when you receive and open the complete email version. Currently, the first Catholic Study Guide arrives in your emailbox (in the near future, it will be a downloadable, Windows-only ebook). With the email version, all you need do is keep it in a safe folder within your email box! The downloadable version (coming soon) includes the same contents, but in a "virtual book" format that opens on your computer desktop.

Each installment of our Catholic Study Guide includes syllabi (lesson plans) and active links - enough to cover 9 weeks! (Note: There are 4 quarterly installments through the year)

By scrolling through the Age of Mary Catholic Study Guide, you or your student will reach the first section, A Year with Our Lady and Materials and Links.

Please note the column format: The left side displays the central articles & syllabi.

The right side features: Resource lists - like "Recommended for the Entire Age of Mary Series," plus screened links to free online books, articles, and virtual tours! Also included: A list of Catholic living books and supplementary history titles (all very helpful but not strictly necessary because everything needed is included within each electronic Guide!)

Light a Single Candle!

The screenshot above features the opening paragraphs to Light a Single Candle, a combination of historical study and syllabus.

Throughout the study-syllabus will also be found more inter-active links to additional resources, quotations from various historians or websites, etc.

More Features...

Proceeding through the Guide: Above, you can view another section of Light a Single Candle, as well as Historical Figures to Know (with more screened links to online resources for further study and research!) and our History Vocabulary List.

Why Students Love to Learn with "The Age of Mary"!

The main reason? No more disconnected studies! The FIVE subject lesson plans are inter-related! What is covered in Religion is connected to History, what is covered in History is connected to Language Arts (English, Composition, and Literature), Geography, and Science.

There is no other curriculum (designed for Catholics) which offers so much for so little!

NEXT: Lesson Ideas (The Central Syllabus)

  • Lesson plans (syllabi) for all five subjects are based on the Marian theme and objective historical facts.

  • Study Church dogmas and doctrines, delve deeply into history, soak in literature and poetry, create essays, reports and compositions, geographically explore specific parts of Europe, make virtual tours of shrines and other historic spots, and research various scientific branches.

  • Learn Religious Terms to Know (with definitions provided!)

Other Student Benefits:

History Online!

*Whiz through colorful syllabi with screened interactive links to online resources for 5 main subjects, including: Religion, Language Arts (Composition, Literature, Poetry), History (with a "Catholic conscience," not a "perspective"), Geography, and Science.

*Strengthen independent study skills

*Enjoy quality time on the computer

Even More Benefits!

*Via study of the Marian apparitions declared "worthy of belief" by the Church, your students will better understand the historical events that both preceded and followed them.

*Learn more about saints, popes, & other respected historical figures who left their mark in history. Discover philosphers (saints and otherwise) who greatly impacted history - and the times in which we live.

*Study the lives and writings of saints and popes - all online! Cultivate a deeper interior life by learning how to daily live the Church's constant teaching: Pray, Study, Act!

As you can see from these examples, The Age of Mary Catholic Internet-based Study Guides mean serious study, yet offered in an innovative way which strongly appeals to youth.


  • SAVE MONEY! With the low price of our Early Spring Special, get everything needed for ONE SCHOOL YEAR of Religion, Language Arts, History, Geography and Science. (Everything is included except math.) The 4 quarterly installments provide enough material to cover 36 WEEKS of lessons! (Material can be thoroughly covered in either more or less time - depending on a student's individual pace.)

  • No books or extras are needed for The Age of Mary. In each Catholic Study Guide, there is included a suggested supplemental list of living books or other items (which you may wish to purchase elsewhere). However, they are *not* strictly necessary.

  • SAVE TIME! Discuss topics (provided in the syllabi) & review "The Age of Mary" assignments in about one hour a day.Your student(s) can then study, read through links, research or type assignments for the rest of the day.

  • As your jr. high or high school student uses the computer for 5 core topics, you'll have extra hours to teach your little ones, take care of household tasks, or simply relax a bit

  • Enjoy worry-free convenience! Just check over your students' shoulders as they zoom through each installment of the electronic 9-week "Age of Mary" syllabus.

  • Easily provide parent-teacher guidance while encouraging independent study!

  • Offer your students the best of both worlds - both classic and scholastic!

  • Print out the complete syllabi for your records! No writing in lesson plans books or typing them into your word processor necessary!

  • Relieve (or completely avoid) "homeschool burnout" (for both you and your students)!

  • Most importantly, bring your family (or class) closer "to Jesus through Mary." The Age of Mary curriculum is designed for junior high and high school students, but is easily adaptable for middle grade students (grades 6-8).

  • With The Age of Mary, your students will learn and retain so much more about religion, history, literature, and other subjects through study of Church-approved apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary - including Our Lady of Paris (the Miraculous Medal), LaSalette, Lourdes, and Fatima!


The Age of Mary is a Keeping It Catholic exclusive and is available nowhere else. With over 400 hours required to create just one Guide, I personally create each installment with homeschooling parents and students in mind.

During this time of transition from e-mail to ebook format, I can personally offer a 50% discount on The Age of Mary when you order TODAY! You'll receive the first Catholic Study Guide within 24 hours, via email. The remaining Guides will be in a Windows-only format, for which I'll send you the download link as the appropriate time.

For a LIMITED TIME: Only $49.99 (in U.S. funds) - anywhere in the world!

(Please Note: Price will increase in late spring 2008)

To Save 50% now, please visit the Keeping It Catholic Order Page

In the love of Christ and His Virgin Mother,

Marianna Bartold

We're "Keeping It Catholic" on the Net!

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