Friday, April 18, 2008

Fatima and a New Revelation on the Star of Esther

Recently, I completed a lengthy article on Our Lady of Fatima and a heretofore unknown revelation, "hidden" in the Star of Esther which appeared between the knee and hem of Our Lady's dress. There is an astonishing revelation between Old Testament history related in The Book of Esther and the Virgin Mary. This revelation is one which I've not found noted anywhere, not even by highly respected Fatima experts.

Background: The star on the dress of Our Lady of Fatima is a symbol known as the Star of Esther. This symbol refers to the history of Queen Esther (recognized by St. Bernard and St. Alphonsus de Liguori as a Marian figure-type).

Esther's relevance has to do with her intercessory role, which led to the literal salvation for her people, the Hebrews. They were to be annihilated down to the last woman, child and baby - by the decree of the king's cunning advisor. (Can you say "Wormtongue"?)

As I explain in my article, The Book of Esther possesses incredible figures types: the king of Persia (figure type for God),the first queen (figure type of Eve), Hadassah (the Hebrew virgin who became Queen Esther of Persia, figure type of the Virgin Mary), Haman (the wily counselor, figure type for an anti-christ or the Beast of the Apocalypse), all of the virgins brought to the king and made part of his household (figure types of the Old Testament's holy women whom the king "accepted into his household" but who were not chosen as the Queen - e.g., the Virgin), etc. There is also the 13th day of the month, another correlation between Esther and Our Lady of Fatima. For the Hebrews were to be totally annihiliated on the 13th of Adar and Our Lady came to Fatima on the 13th day between May and October, 1917.

However, my upcoming article addresses another incredible, hidden connection, one which - as I said earlier - I have not found mentioned in any source on Fatima. It is my hope that this new revelation will, in a small way, help others turn toward and completely heed Our Lady of Fatima. To Jesus through Mary!

Until the article is published, I can say no more than that except---

My article is scheduled to appear in the May 2008 issue of The Catholic Family News in honor of the 91st anniversary of Our Lady's first appearance at Fatima.

[Note: For the sake of those who don't receive CFN, I will place my article either on the KIC website, this blog, or both once it is published.]

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